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Membership has its benefits and with the CSFA they're endless! As a member of the CSFA you will have access to numerous benefits that will help you grow your business, expand your industry knowledge, and cultivate valuable relationships. 

CSFA offers three membership categories:
• Executive Membership -  An individual connected with the management of spa or fitness facilities at a club, or general management of a club with oversight responsibilities for spa and fitness facilities within such club, is eligible for Executive membership. Executive members traditionally will be employed by membership clubs in a compensated management role.
• Professional Membership - An individual connected with providing services to spa or fitness facilities at a club is eligible for Professional membership. Such service positions might include: trainers, instructors, massage and/or physical therapists, skin care specialists, etc. Professional members traditionally will be employed by membership clubs in a compensated role.
• Student Membership - An individual who is enrolled in a spa, fitness, or related program at a college, university, or trade school (undergraduate or graduate) is eligible for Student membership.

Please see the membership benefits outlined below, and click here to access the needed membership applications. If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact us at

Membership Benefits   Executive 
$300 January-June
$150 July-December
$100   January-  June
$50 July-December
$60 January-June
$30 July-December
Invitation to Educational Workshops & Events and Networking Opportunities

Access to the Online Job Bank and Resume Bank

Access to Archived Educational Resources

Research Reports, currently to include: 
• Compensation & Benefits Report
• Finance & Operations Report
• Private Club Fitness & Spa State of the Industry Report
• Trend Report & Survey Data

Subscription to the CSFA Newsletter (Published 4x Annually)

Subscription to CMAA's Club Management magazine (Published 6x Annually)

Access to the Online Membership and Business Partner Directory

Ability to Apply for the Future of Fitness Scholarship Award